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Smart Access to Healthcare through Digital Solutions. 

We develop ideas. Further.



CAPSELE is a medical consulting firm based out of Tübingen, Germany, with many years of experience in international healthcare systems and focus on Europe & Africa. Our international team has vast practical experience and is working from various locations. 


Our focus is on improving access to healthcare through digital solutions at micro and macro level. We integrate social, political, legal and entrepreneurial aspects into our design thinking and make sure that we solve a problem with our solution and not just develop another app. We support large international public health projects as well as digital processes in compact systems like surgeries for example. Our clients are from the private sector as well as public health institutions and international organizations.


With our consulting portfolio in the areas of Digital Health, Program-Management and Data for Decision Making we focus on high quality health care through innovative solutions. We believe that mobile communication is a game changer for health care delivery, especially in low and middle income countries. And we strongly believe that the patient has to be core and center of each solution. 

One example of our work is the telemedicine platform AFYACA which we have developed for the East African Region. Through our Tanzania office we offer first hand online medical consultations in cooperation with international and local health care providers. Just to demonstrate that we are serious when we talk about impact.


We develop ideas. Further. 




Access to quality medical care is changing rapidly. The classic way of seeing a doctor at a clinic is complemented through digital solutions. This offers new innovative ways to improve access to healthcare in Europe but also especially in low and middle income countries. We clearly see this as game changer and help our clients to develop and implement digital solutions.  


Ideas need to be translated into actions. Our experience is mainly with consulting large health care programs in Europe and Africa, where we have been supporting programs for over 30 years. For us no project is too small or too complex. 


Health Care Programs need clear data for good management decisions. We understand the big picture view as well as attention to details. We also know how to present data to decision makers in order to visualize complex relations. 

USP/Benefit/Target Groups

Capsele is an eHealth consulting firm, developing innovative digital solutions as well as process management in health care systems for public and private providers to improve access to healthcare as well health outcomes. 

We work result-oriented and produce measurable impact. We are open-minded for out-of-the-box thinking and include non-conventional approaches in our design thinking and program planning. We care for patients and put them and their health always core and center in our projects. We work responsibly with budgets and resources. There is no we can't. 


Get in touch! We develop ideas. Further. 


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Capsele GmbH
Stohrerweg 11
72070 Tuebingen, Germany


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